Our city San Marcos has a distinctive appeal because of its location between mild hills, a diverse mix of urban settings, and peaceful areas. We apply our encountered touch to every home and business establishment to guarantee that they all reflect the lively environment of our city.

Curious about how we’re weaving magic in San Marcos? Dive into our featured services:

1. Pressure Washing:

The constantly changing climate of San Marcos could eventually wear down our exterior surfaces. The appealing appearance of our properties can be reduced by dust, dirt, and urban filth. With our pressure washing service, dull surfaces become dazzling. Our techniques eliminate stubborn stains and recreate the original shine from driveways, sidewalks, and exterior surfaces.

2. Screen Repair:  

Screens act as our barrier of protection, enabling the cool San Marcos breeze to pass through while keeping out unwanted substances. Screens may crack or tear for a variety of reasons, including everyday use and accidental damage. Do not be frightened; we provide screen repair services. We repair holes, fix broken screens, and make sure that there are no problems blocking your view of the outside world.

3. Comprehensive Service Suite:  

In San Marcos, pressure washing and screen repair continue to be in high demand, but we offer an array of other services as well. We provide a wide variety of services, from window cleaning to gutter cleaning, to meet all outdoor needs.

San Marcos deserves to shine due to its unique combination of urban elegance and untouched beauty. Our goal at Kennedy Bros is to present this creative mind in each endeavor we work on. Give us a call if you’d like your property’s exterior to be cleaner and bright. We’ll restore San Marcos together, one shining property at a time.