Kennedy Bros is aware of how your homes sparkle in the dazzling sunlight and cool coastal wind. But at times, the powers of nature can also bring dirt, sludge, and debris, giving our homes a less-than-perfect look. In response, we are here.

Kennedy Bros, a business with a central San Diego location, has established a commitment to providing both residents and businesses with the best external cleaning services. We take delight in our commitment to excellence, and the list that follows is a sample of the services we provide:

1. Gutter Cleaning: 

Different weather conditions might be found in our San Diego buildings. Gutter systems can fill up with leaves, garbage, and dirt after unexpected rainfall or storms. Ignoring them could end up in roof problems, bug diseases, and water damage. Kennedy Bros is a professional at completely clearing gutters, ensuring that water runs out without blockage and that your residence is secure and unharmed.

2. Pressure Washing:  

Our barriers, paths, and terraces gather an additional layer of dirt over time that ordinary cleaning cannot remove. With the assistance of our pressure washing service, every kind of stain on a variety of surfaces may be eliminated entirely leaving them looking brand new. Our team of professionals will restore the outside of your property, whether there’s mold on the patio, spots on the driveway or dirt on the exterior walls.

3. Window Cleaning: 

Imagine waking up to a sparkling view of the beautiful San Diego sunrise! Our window washing products are designed to provide views that are crystal-clear, boosting the class of your home. Those difficult windows are no longer an issue when our specialists are at your service.

Kennedy Bros is your one-stop shop if you reside in San Diego and want to brighten up the external appearance of your home or location of business. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to start providing your house the renovation it deserves!